Archery Skills Class

The votes have been cast, and it has been decided that Barún Pól will join us on the 16th of March, 2013.

After our usual archery practice in Pim street, Pól will be joining us for an evening and a day for the instruction of making arrows.

In order to do this, all attendees must bring their own arrow making supplies. Common equipment such as fletching jigs and glue will be supplied by the shire. Pól recommends ordering from Each attendee should bring the following, in multiples of however many arrows they wish to make:

  • Fletchings – Roman and Greek archers used parabol, while shield shaping was much more a north west Europe thing. Note about feathers, the longer they are the quicker they grab the air and the arrow becomes more stable quicker but it also creates more drag and slows the arrow so it won’t fly as far. Short feathers fly faster and for greater distance but are not as stable.
  • Nocks – Traditional Index Nocks (only select black or white, as these are much more durable)
  • Points – Field steel screw points are recommended
  • Wooden shafts – recommended are the 5/16″ Cedar shafts, which should come as full length 32″ long

Remember nocks, shafts, and piles/points all have to be the same width – 5/16″ is standard.

If you have any queries about what to purchase, Pól can be contacted directly at

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