Champions of Lough Devnaree

14-16 September 2018

Oyez, Oyez, the populace of Lough Devnaree and beyond take note! Once again it is time to decide the Champions of this Isle. The time has come to polish sword and armour, to fletch the arrows, and dust off those Arts and Sciences skills to become the next Champion of Lough Devnaree in your field(s) of excellence.

We will host a weekend full of fighting, fencing, archery, A&S, and merriment.

The event will run from 18:00 on Friday 14th until 14:00 on Sunday 16th September. Dun In Mara cancellation policy applies.

All meals will be provided. Traveller’s fare on Friday evening, breakfast and lunch on both Saturday and Sunday, plus Feast on Saturday evening.



Costs and food

Full weekend with meals and bunk (bedding included): €50
Full weekend with meals and crash space or camping: €35
Day trip: €20
Children under 5 are free if no bed.


To book, please use this form. Bookings will open at noon on July 1st.

List of attendees

Event Staff

Event steward: Jasper Rose
Head Cook: Caitriona of the Ravens
Marshal in Charge: Duncan Chaucer

Site Address:
Aspire, Clara House Estate, Clara, Co. Offaly, Ireland