The Feast of St. Adalbert II

23-25 March 2018

Aspire Centre, Clara House, Clara, Co Offaly, Ireland

It is the 16th Century. For the second year, the doors of a noble country house are thrown open to those who would come for food, for literary discussion, for music, and for good company.

This is quiet event with a little more authenticity in food and drink and presentation, with a slower pace than usual, as befits the country house of our imagination. There will be a full 16th century menu from Friday evening until Sunday morning, rather than a single feast. Our task is to cook, and cook some more; yours is to keep eating. Otherwise, the event will focus on socialising, for once having the time to talk to everyone you see at an event, and on A&S activities, particularly on stories, poetry, music, and the other arts. We encourage performances at any time of the day, particularly ad hoc ones.

Our visiting teacher will be the Drachenwald Court Composer of two reigns: Lady Kaarina Eerikintytär from Aarnimetsä.

You, too, may wish to offer or request relevant classes. Please note these in the booking form, and we will do our best to match requests and teachers.

No combat activities will be scheduled. If you wish to practice martial skills, you are welcome to do so provided that you find a willing marshal.

Please note that due to the nature of the event, the attendee numbers will be limited. Book early to avoid disappointment, although we will operate a waiting list, if need be, and inform you accordingly. Dun In Mara cancellation policy applies, and will be enforced, particularly in the case of no-shows.


Aspire Centre is a modern site located c.90 mins drive from Dublin airport, in the town of Clara, in the grounds of Clara House, within 10 mins walk from Clara railway station. Shops and ATMs are within a short walking distance. We will be happy to assist with any travel queries.

Site opens at 18:00 on Friday 23rd of March and closes at 14:00 on Sunday 25th March, and is discreetly wet.

For extra relaxation, Clara House Spa is situated across the courtyard, and provides massages, treatments and sauna facilities at extra cost. You can book these separately at Clara House Spa.

How much?

Adult prices

  • €50 for the weekend, including accommodation, bedding and all meals
  • €20 for day trip/staying off-site, including all meals

Youth prices (6-16)

  • €35 for the weekend, including accommodation, bedding and all meals
  • €10 for day trip/staying off-site, including all meals

Children under 6 are free to day trip, or, provided that they do not require their own bunk, stay on site for the weekend.

You will see that our prices are slightly higher than normal. This is to accommodate the focus on good food.

Please contact the steward if you wish to discuss camping prices or family cap. On this occasion, due to the limited numbers, we are not offering crash space as standard.


To book, please use this form.

Payment information will be provided in your reservation acknowledgement. Please note that your place is not confirmed until we have received your payment or, if travelling from abroad, your travel details.

Already booked

Dun In Mara cancellation policy will apply.

Event team

Event Stewart & Reservations: Lady Agnes des Illes (
Deputy Event Steward: Lord Aodh Ó Siadhail
Head Cook: Pan Vitus Polonius