Pen & Sword: Already Booked

1. Viscount Master Cernac the Inspired (Mike Prendergast)
2. Cassandra della Corona (Debbie Mac Rory)
3. Lord Duncan Chaucer (Phil McFadden)
4. Lord Nemet Arpad (Bernhard Rohrer)
5. Agnes la Verte (Nina Shiel)

6. Baroness Caitriona of the Ravens (Caitriona O’Brian)
7. Barún Pol Ó Briain (Paul O’Brian)
8. Aodh Ó Siadhail (Drew Shiel)
9. Thora Greylock (Sonia Murphy)
10. Caoilfhionn of Kildare (Kimberly O’Neal)
11. Elizabeth of Dun in Mara (Laura Thorp)
12. Órlaith Caomhanach (Cee Kavanagh)
13. Tuathal Caomhanach (Caelan Kavanagh)
14. Juliette Calviari (Lynda Cully)
15. Paul O’Shea
16. Claudia Schacke
17. Aidan Barron
18. Stephen Jack
19. Marcello Napolitano
20. Anna Napolitano
21. Eva Maxwell

22. Dave Mircat Hodson (Guest)
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