Yuletide University

24th-26th November 2017

Crawfordsburn Scout Camp, 20 Bridge Road South, Helen’s Bay, Co Down BT19 1JT

The triads of Old Ireland contain much of its wisdom and knowledge, and among these is one that says “Three welcomes of an ale-house: plenty and kindliness and art.”

Yuletide University will fall on the 24th-26th November this year, in its traditional site at Crawfordsburn, and as befits its nature, will include classes on these three themes. Under “plenty”, there will be classes on topics like food, brewing, agriculture, herbs and gardens and beekeeping, and trade. Under “kindliness”, there will be classes on topics like hospitality, fealty and homage, courtesy and gentility and nobility, and courtly love. And under “art”, there will be classes on topics like composition, painting, tapestry and embroidery and weaving, and sculpture.

  • Event Steward: Lord Aodh Ó Siadhail
  • Head Cook: Honorable Lady Constanza of Thamesreach
  • Site Liaison: Mistress Caitriona of the Ravens
  • Transport Coordinator: Maistir Pól Ó Briain

Booking will open soon. Should you have a class to propose, please email aodhosiadhail@gmail.com with the details.