Posted on 2018-11-06 by aodh

Gentle cousins! Come now, and listen well. The great Chaucer - not our Duncan, the other fellow - tells us of a Franklin whose bread and ale was always good, that no man had a better stock of wine, and that his house always contained pies (of which we are sure a certain Viscount will approve). Further, in his house, says Chaucer, it snowed with food and drink, and his dining table was always at the ready. This, good cousins, sounds to us like a challenge, and we are ever ready to rise to that.

So come ye, one and all, to the Tavern of Chaucer, wherein we shall stand you food and drink until you will fit no more, and show you all the fat partridges and bream and pike you might dream of. And games, and perhaps, if we are good, the words of that great Chaucer read by a duke.

On 1-3 March 2019, Dun in Mara hosts Chaucer's Tavern.