Posted on 2019-02-04 by anneleyn

Calling all scribes, current past and future! A&S will be happening this Thursday. This time we're going to experiment a little and theme the session: we're having a scribal focus.

The idea is that if we all bring whatever we have in the same field, we will have a better opportunity to encourage and learn from one another. So, regardless of your skill or your confidence level, from total beginner to extraordinary expert, please come along with whatever tools and materials you have and enjoy a peaceful evening learning and practicing calligraphy and illumination.

Of course, if you have another urgent project on the go or if you love other A&S but don't enjoy inks and paints, you are still very welcome to come along and craft in good company.

We meet at 19:00 in Synge Street - for more information, see our practices page