Posted on 2019-03-28 by sal

The schedule for Cruinniú has been posted, and this raises the question: what are we going to eat? Our head cook for the event, Milada of Thamesreach, will make sure that we shall be fed, and fed well so that we have the strength to fight and dance to our heart's content.

Friday evening: Traveller's Food (from 20:00)

Lenticula (lentils with lemon and coriander)
Sausages/vegetarian sausages

Saturday Breakfast (from 08:00)

The usual suspects, plus yellow sauce for eggs; baked herbed eggs; sausages/vegetarian sausages; porridge.

Saturday Dunch (from 13:00)

Etnos (pea soup)
Catillus Ornatus (seasoned fritters)
Baked cabbage with bulgur and pine nuts
Samak Mahshu (Stuffed Fish)
Tyros eis Halmen (Pickled Cheese)
Compost (Picked vegetables)
Mixtura cum Sesamis (Herb puree with sesame)
Gastris (nut cake)
Fresh fruit

Saturday Dinner (from 19:00)

Harisa by Abdun (rice with leeks)
Couscous with herbs and pomegranate seeds
Muzzawwara of chickpeas and curd
Jannaiyya (Gardener's Dish)
Mishmishiya (Lamb in apricot sauce)
Narbaj (Chicken and pomegranate stew)
Stuffed eggs
Halwa mahshuwwa (stuffed cookies)
Fresh fruit

Sunday breakfast (from 09:00)

The usual suspects (plus any leftovers to be distributed to the hungry.)

A list of ingredients/allergens will be provided at the event.