Posted on 2019-05-09 by aodh

Aodh is pleased to bring you prognostications and forecasts for the event of the Coronet of Fools. As might be expected from a place and time in which the Good Neighbours are being invoked, the weather is not expected to be entirely predictable.

Nevertheless: Aodh expects rain up to Friday evening. Not heavy, you understand, but the sort of drizzle that makes everything damp and gets in under the eaves of hats and houses. This is, he feels, intended to welcome people to Lough Devnaree, and give them a proper impression of how things are here.

Saturday and Sunday will, however, be drier, since the Nice People are as interested in seeing a good tournament as anyone else, and to be fair, it's been a while since anyone brought one to the valley of the Boyne with them in mind. Aodh does not subscribe to the idea, mark you, that the Good Folk control the weather. That would be superstitious, and Aodh is a man of Science as well as Arts. He is, however, pretty sure that they talk to the weather and indicate what they would like, and since the weather has no interest in displeasing them, it does so. It is a subtle difference, Aodh acknowledges.

The general expectation is for cool, dry weather, with cloudy or overcast conditions for most of Saturday in northerly or north-westerly breezes. It might be as cool as 4C in the morning, with a vague possibility of a touch of frost, and might get up to 12C by mid-afternoon, with the sun making occasional appearances. Sunday will be slightly warmer and slightly sunnier - though it might be hard to tell without proper scientific instrumentation such as Aodh's sensitive skin and fear of high temperatures - with a contradictory breeze from the south-east, illustrating the changeable nature of the weather in these parts.

A brief window of actual clear weather might happen late on Saturday or early on Sunday, and should you wish to view the stars from this iconic place, Aodh advises wandering out and having a look to see how the sky is. The moon will be at about half-full, and waxing, which is of course a good omen for the next reign of this Principality. Aodh advises that you keep a warm cloak available, but does not feel that waterproofing is any more necessary than usual.

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