Posted on 2019-05-09 by sal

At last, Coronet of Fools is just one day away. We will feast, we will have fun, and most importantly we will welcome our new Prince and Princess, or Princess and Princess, of Insulae Draconis. As you do your last minute packing and prepare to travel, these are some of the things we've talked about over the last few months.

Our travel guide for how to get to the site, and its location.

The event schedule, and accommodation details for when you get here.

Aodh's staring at the sky weather forecast.

Things to see while you're in Ireland if you have some extra time.

Genevieve's posts on how the tourney takes place and the rules of the lists.

The couples who will enter the tourney from whom the new rulers of the Principality will emerge.

And, of course, Melisende's feast menu for Saturday evening.

We look forward to welcoming you... tomorrow!

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