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Congratulations Eplaheimr!

less than 1 minute read

Our good friends in Eplaheimr have shared the very happy news that they are to become a barony next summer! This is a large undertaking, and we at Dun in Mar...

Reflecting on Pride

2 minute read

An idea for the shire to participate in the Dublin Pride parade was mooted some time last winter, and Aodh set about liaising with the organisers, but we onl...

Martial Arts Books

13 minute read

Introduction Hello! My name is Lisa, and I have been practicing HEMA (mostly Italian longsword) for about 2 years.


1 minute read

Dun in Mara is going to Dublin Pride! And we would love for all of our friends, regardless of how you identify, to join us and show support.

Coronet of Fools is TOMORROW!

less than 1 minute read

At last, Coronet of Fools is just one day away. We will feast, we will have fun, and most importantly we will welcome our new Prince and Princess, or Princes...

Coronet feast menu

1 minute read

Our head cook, Mistress Melisende, has published her menu for feast! Look at what we shall enjoy, while toasting the new reign.