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Travelling to Coronet

less than 1 minute read

It’s a pretty good time to start planning your travel to Coronet of Fools (and to Flaming Arrow if you’re coming for both.) We have an extensive travel guide...

Fencing class with Emilia Skirmuntt

less than 1 minute read

This week at fencing, we had a guest class from Emilia Skirmuntt of the School of the Sword, Oxford, assisted by Rob Williams of the Virtus Sword School, Car...

Flaming Arrow - make a week of it

less than 1 minute read

Why travel to just one event when you could come for two? The weekend before Coronet of Fools, the shire of Glen Rathlin will host Flaming Arrow, the premier...

Will you enter the Coronet tourney?

less than 1 minute read

Those who would rule, hear me! A great tournament will take place in May near Newgrange, and the winners will become the next rulers of Insulae Draconis. The...

Coronet of Fools - pay by bank transfer

less than 1 minute read

Payment by bank transfer is now working for Coronet of Fools. We’ve addressed the problem where only credit cards were accepted; apologies if you were affect...

Scribal themed meetup

less than 1 minute read

At our scribal themed A&S meetup tonight, Anneleyn practiced Gothic Littera Bastarda based on the Marc Drogin book. Delighted shouts of “the g looks a g”...

Things to see while you’re in Ireland

1 minute read

Ireland is full of historical places and things to see. If you’re visiting for Coronet of Fools, we hope that you can extend your stay for a few days and vis...

Scribal Night on Thursday

less than 1 minute read

Calling all scribes, current past and future! A&S will be happening this Thursday. This time we’re going to experiment a little and theme the session: we...

Coronet of Fools beds still available

less than 1 minute read

We are thrilled with the response to Coronet of Fools! We’d like to point out that, as of 2nd Feb, we have family rooms, bunks, daytrip and camping spots sti...