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First fighting practice of 2019

less than 1 minute read

Dun In Mara’s first armoured combat practice today was attended by six hardy, devoted souls, five of whom reported various levels of seasonal illness. Hence ...

Cruinniú - April 2019

less than 1 minute read

Fighters and dancers ahoy! Following last year’s successful introduction of the new fighting event in the Kingdom’s Calendar, Dun In Mara once more invites y...

Merry Christmas!

less than 1 minute read

Best wishes for Christmas and the new year from Dun in Mara! Our practices have now finished for 2018. Here are the dates for when our practices resume in Ja...

Summer Coronation 2017 wash-up meeting

4 minute read

The first event that we held at Newgrange Lodge was Drachenwald Summer Coronation 2017. It went great - we had really amazing feedback and were absolutely th...

Solstice Tourney

less than 1 minute read

All the warriors of Dun In Mara and beyond are invited to come together for a Solstice Tourney on Thursday, 20 December to celebrate the season and what has ...

Kris Kindle Fencing Tourney

less than 1 minute read

Tonight, for one night only! The annual Dun in Mara Kris Kindle Tournament Extravaganza!!! (Fanfare and cannon offstage)

Fencing this week

less than 1 minute read

Yesterday, longsworders practiced a safer way of not getting stabbed: the breaking of the thrust. Then we learned that with enough skills and timing, you can...

Archery resuming in 2019

less than 1 minute read

Greetings, Archers of Dun in Mara and beyond. There will be no archery practice this Wednesday, as we have no available marshal to run the practice.