Arts and Sciences, or A&S for short, encompasses the crafts, skills, sciences and technologies from the time period and cultures that the SCA covers, broadly speaking the Middle Ages and Renaissance up to 1600.

We research, study, practice and re-create these skills at events, dedicated meetings and on our own at home. Then we share our results with others. You will see them in use or at display at events; the recipes used for a feast, the armour worn in combat, the scrolls presented in court and the garb (clothes) we wear, the banners decorating our halls, to name just a few.

What arts and sciences do we do, you ask? Literally everything that is not actual combat is considered a part of A&S. You want a list?

  • Culinary arts (brewing, vinting, cooking, baking)
  • Silk painting
  • Calligraphy
  • Illumination
  • Period games, toys and dolls
  • Ceramics and Pottery
  • Woodwork
  • Leatherwork
  • Basketry
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Other textile crafts (people have made their own period canvas tents)
  • Dyeing
  • Embroidery and needlework
  • Weaving, Spinning, Felting, Knitting, Lacemaking
  • Bardic arts and performance (dance, music, poetry, theater etc.)
  • Book Binding, Paper making, Ink making
  • Enameling
  • Jewelry
  • Glass and Metal work
  • Heraldry
  • Fine arts (painting, sculpture etc.)
  • Martial science (archery equipment, armour and chainmail, weaponry) and so on…

Research is a big part as everything you start requires some research into period practices, but with the internet that has become much easier, not only the access to material but also the contact to other SCA members not necessarily from our shores.

So, you want to try any of these or something else?

Come along to an A&S meeting!

Look to our events page for the next Arts & Sciences Day!

What to bring: questions, research, something to work on. If you let us know what you are interested in before the meeting, we might be able to bring supplies.