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Recent news

Reflecting on Pride

07 Jul 2019

An idea for the shire to participate in the Dublin Pride parade was mooted some time last winter, and Aodh set about liaising with the organisers, but we only got the green light a couple of months ago. I had suggested combining such a march with a demo-like revel, and Sela volunteered to organise a pub room for the purpose. Next was the time to start drumming up participants for both, and we were pleased that we ended up with good numbers. We had 17 people marching in the parade, representing Dun In Mara, Eplaheimr, Glen Rathlin and Harpelstane - Roxanne flew from Edinburgh specially for the occasion. (The planned representative from Polderslot is still recovering from her traffic accident).

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Martial Arts Books

30 Jun 2019


Hello! My name is Lisa, and I have been practicing HEMA (mostly Italian longsword) for about 2 years.

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Dun in Mara brainstorming day

04 Jun 2019

Dun in Mara held a brainstorming day on Monday 3rd June. These are the notes from that meeting.

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