While we have practices and classes every week, we get together every couple of months for an event. These are usually over a weekend, and you can typically come for a day or stay and enjoy the whole thing. All meals are provided, including a lavish and tasty feast.

When at these events, we wear period garb - if you don’t have any, that’s ok, just let us know and we’ll sort you out! We’ll help you live your best medieval life.

There are also other events across Ireland and Britain - see the Principality Calendar for details.

Upcoming Events


29 June 2019, Dublin.

Previous events

Insulae Draconis Coronet

10-12 May 2019, Newgrange Lodge.


5-7 April 2019, Clara.

Chaucer’s Tavern

1-3 March 2019, Clara.

Champions of Lough Devnaree

14-16 September 2018, Clara.

Festival of Fools V

1-4 June 2018, Clara.

Tavern Revel

19 May 2018, Drimnagh Castle.

The Feast of St. Adalbert

23-25 March 2018, Clara.


26-28 January 2018, Clara.

Yuletide University

24-26 November 2017, Crawfordsburn.

Midsummer Revelry

8 July 2017, Drimnagh Castle.

Summer Coronation 2017

16-18 June 2017, Newgrange Lodge.

Event sites

How to get to our event sites at Newgrange Lodge, Clara and Drimnagh Castle,