24th-26th November 2017

Crawfordsburn Scout Camp, 20 Bridge Road South, Helen’s Bay, Co Down BT19 1JT

The triads of Old Ireland contain much of its wisdom and knowledge, and among these is one that says “Three welcomes of an ale-house: plenty and kindliness and art.”

Yuletide University will fall on the 24th-26th November this year, in its traditional site at Crawfordsburn, and as befits its nature, will include classes on these three themes. Under “plenty”, there will be classes on topics like food, brewing, agriculture, herbs and gardens and beekeeping, and trade. Under “kindliness”, there will be classes on topics like hospitality, fealty and homage, courtesy and gentility and nobility, and courtly love. And under “art”, there will be classes on topics like composition, painting, tapestry and embroidery and weaving, and sculpture.


  • Adult Weekend = £45/€50: which includes all food and a bunk (with bedding provided).
  • Adult day tripping = £20/€22: all food included
  • Youth weekend (under 11) = £38/€42: which includes all food and a bunk (with bedding provided).
  • Youth day tripping = £10/€11: all food included
  • Children under 5 (who do not require a bunk) attend for free.

Please contact the event steward for information about family caps or other details.

Site Opening Times:

Site opens at 19:00 on Friday 24th and closes at 14:00 on Sunday 26th, and is discreetly wet.


Crawfordsburn is easily findable on Google Maps and on GPS navigation systems. Map Location

Pick-Ups & Drop-offs:

We can arrange to pick you up from nearby Helen’s Bay train station. Please let the transport coordinator (Maistir Pól Ó Briain) know in advance if you need this. Other pickup locations by special arrangement only.


  • Event Steward: Lord Aodh Ó Siadhail
  • Head Cook: Honorable Lord Duncan Kerr
  • Site Liaison: Mistress Caitriona of the Ravens
  • Transport Coordinator: Maistir Pól Ó Briain
  • Hall Steward / Herald in Charge: Aodhan Dha Ceist

Booking is now open

Already booked list


Time Room Title Room Title
19:00 Main Hall Traveller’s Fare    
08:30 Main Hall Breakfast    
10:00 Main Hall How to Say No (Sela de la Rosa) Side Room Ink-making (Jasper Rose)
11:15 Main Hall Basics of Research (Aodh Ó Siadhail) Side Room Introduction to Brickstitch Embroidery (Alays de Lunel)
12:30 Main Hall Lunch    
14:00 Main Hall Medieval Dance (Anneleyn Cornelisse) Side Room Soapstone Casting (Órlaith Caomhanach)
18:00 Main Hall Feast & Merriment    
08:30 Main Hall Breakfast    
10:00 All Areas Cleanup    

Dun in Mara cancellation policy will apply.