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Lough Devnaree Fight Camp

26-28 January, 2018
Aspire Centre, Clara House, Clara, Co Offaly, Ireland

To arms! Your armoured sisters and brothers of Lough Devnaree invite you to recover from the holidays by engaging in acts of tournament and war. A weekend of theory, practice and thinking of armoured combat, supported by the usual hearty hospitality of Dun In Mara & friends. Fighting is currently on the upswing in Lough Devnaree and we warmly welcome all from outside the island who would wish to come cross swords with us.

We are very pleased to welcome as a visiting teacher Sir Torbjörn Åbryte from Baggeholm, Nordmark.


Aspire Centre is located c.90 mins drive from Dublin airport, in the town of Clara, in the grounds of Clara House, within 10 mins walk from Clara railway station. Shops and ATMs are within a short walking distance. We will be happy to assist with any travel queries.

Site opens at 18:00 on Friday 26th and closes at 14:00 on Sunday 28th, and is discreetly wet.

Clara House Spa is situated across the courtyard, and provides massages, treatments and sauna facilities at extra cost. You can book these separately at Clara House Spa.

How much?

€45 for the weekend, including accommodation, bedding and all meals
€30 for the weekend in crash space/camping, including all meals (no bedding provided)
€15 for day trip/staying off-site, including all meals

As this event is focused on fighting, we do not expect to get many children, but please enquire about child fees if you would like to bring your kids.

Payment information will be provided in your reservation acknowledgement. Please note that your place is not confirmed until we have received your payment or, if travelling from abroad, your travel details.

Dun In Mara cancellation policy will apply.

Already booked

  • Event Steward & Marshal in Charge: Lady Agnes des Illes ([email protected])
  • Deputy Event Steward: Lady Gytha Ui Bhanain
  • Event Cook: Lady Órlaith Chaomhanach