Festival of Fools V

1-4 June 2018

Passing from the cold of winter, to the cold of spring, we look with expectant eyes to the days of less cold and greater sunshine in summer. There, we can relax in the abundant comfort afforded by long, warm days and ample supplies. Whether you prefer to fight, feast, or further the creative arts, let your protective guard down and indulge in frivolous whimsy with Dun in Mara in June.

The event will run from 18:00 on Friday 1st of June until 14:00 on Monday 4th of June.
Dun In Mara cancellation policy applies.


We plan a casual weekend event with opportunity for relaxation as well as engagement in marshal and creative activities. We encourage you to share your arts and science projects with those attending and we will make time so you can show or perform your project around the meal times.


  • Traveller’s fare
  • Merriment


  • Early, middle, and late meals
  • Fencing
  • Armoured combat
  • Classes
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Merriment


  • Archery
  • Equestrian competition
  • Classes
  • Peacock competition
  • Thrown weapons
  • Early, middle, and late meals
  • Merriment


  • Breakfast
  • Marshal activity, marshal availability permitting
  • Clean up

Costs and food

Full weekend with meals and bunk (bedding included): €70 / €65 Child
Full weekend with meals and Crash Space: €50
Day trip with meals (Saturday & Sunday): €35 / €30 Child
Day trip with meals (Saturday OR Sunday): €20 / €15 Child


Book your place here: Booking form

List of attendees

Event Staff

Event Steward/Reservations: Lord Mícheál of Dun in Mara (Paul O’Shea - [email protected])

Deputy Event Steward: Lord Jasper Rose (Chris Kinsella)

Head Cook: Viscount Alexandre Lerot d’Avignon (Jeff Berry)

Marshal in charge: Lord Aodhán Dhá Cheist (Aidan Barron)

Site Address:
Aspire, Clara House Estate, Clara, Co. Offaly, Ireland