When you book for this event, we ask for certain information from you. This is how we plan to use that information.

Full booking information

The registration form is provided by Google, and the data that you enter on booking is stored automatically in a spreadsheet in Google Drive (so Google’s own terms and conditions apply.)

A subset of the event team have access to this spreadsheet. Everyone with access to this spreadsheet has Two Factor Authentication enabled, to reduce the risk of unauthorised access.

Partial booking information

Your SCA name will be listed on the public attendee list on this website.

A partial copy of the registration data will be provided to event staff and volunteers who require it. For example, the cooking team will require access to names, contact details, and dietary restrictions.

If you request a pick up/drop off, we will ask for a mobile phone number, and we may provide that number to the person who is doing the pick up, and others on the event team.

Contact before and after the event

If we need to contact you about your attendance, or when we have news about the event, we expect to do so by email. There are also likely to be posts on the event’s Facebook group from the event team and from others regarding activities at the event. If you provide a phone number, we may use this to contact you if it’s necessary.

We do not plan to provide your information to other event teams, or other organisations, except as described above.

Website embeds and logs

Our website is hosted by GitLab, and distributed through Cloudflare. We also embed Google maps and certain other Google services. Their policies and conditions apply.