Dear friends,

No prizes in guessing what is coming - we have all read too many of these same messages already this year.

So yes, we are postponing once more. The second wave of the plague is picking up, and we will all have to ride it out this autumn and winter. We are all tired of it, and we are tired of making plans only to have them not work out, and tired of not even daring to make plans in the meantime.

Our Society is all about dreams, and it must be dreams of the future that will sustain us over this very long year. Sooner or later we can come together again, in some manner, and make up for all this time of separation. Each goblet of wine and each blow of the sword will be all the sweeter after so long.

Our next target dates for our event are 4-7 June 2021. Covid willing, this would be a three-night event, as Monday the 7th of June is a public holiday in Ireland. This is not yet confirmed, but we will be seeking to make this happen. I will of course update you all on this if/as need be.

I am enormously grateful to Duke Sean and Duchess Qamar for their unwavering support and commitment to our event. At no point has it been an issue of “whether” but simply one of “when”. During the winter, I will personally commit to a further fundraising effort through Dun In Mara to help cover some of Their Graces’ expenses resulting from changes to flights.

We will refund everyone’s event fees as soon as possible. Please contact Lady Aoife ( if you have any queries on this.

We are still planning to hold a small local event on the October dates, provided that no further restrictions are put in place by the Irish government. It will be a different event with a different concept, so if you are a local and wish to attend, you will have to put in a new registration. Information on this will be published separately.

Finally, my most heartfelt thanks to all of you for enduring this roller coaster with us. There would be very little point in persisting were it not for an enthusiastic (and patient!) group of friends looking forward to having this event with us.

All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of thing will be well.

Warmest Wishes
Event Steward