24-26 April 2020
Aspire Centre, Clara House, Clara, Co Offaly, Ireland

Latest news: Words on fighting from Duke Sean

For Cruinniú, we will feature a series of short posts from fighters around the Kingdom about what inspired them to fight, or things they’ve learned about armoured combat. This post is from our visiting teacher, Duke Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon.


To arms once again! Your armoured sisters and brothers of Lough Devnaree invite you to celebrate the return of Spring by engaging in acts of tournament and war. A weekend all aspects of armoured combat, supported by the usual hearty hospitality of Dun In Mara & friends. Fighting is one of our passions in Lough Devnaree and we warmly welcome all from outside the island who would wish to come cross swords with us.

This year, with immense pride, our visiting teacher will be none other than Duke Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon (MKA Sean Oppenheimer) from Artemisia, a Knight of the Society for more than 32 years. He is one of the preeminent trainers of SCA combat in the Known World today. He specializes in training the trainer, training methodology, teaching fighting analysis and video review. He has been training fighters all around the globe for more than 15 years and has taught his specific fighting clinic in more than half of the Kingdoms.

Duke Sean will be teaching his fighting clinic on Saturday and Sunday. We have extended our usual site booking until 18:00 on Sunday, so please take this into account in planning your travel.


Aspire Centre, a modern site geared towards sports teams, is located c.90 mins drive from Dublin airport, in the town of Clara, on the grounds of Clara House, within 10 mins walk from Clara railway station. Shops and ATMs are within a short walking distance. We will be happy to assist with any travel queries.

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Adults (over age 16)

  • Full weekend residential and meals: €55, including accommodation, bedding and all meals.
  • Full weekend camping/staying off site and meals: €35, including all meals. Please note no bed and no bedding provided.
  • Day trip Saturday and meals: €20.

Crash space is not available at this event.

Youth (age 6-16)

  • Full weekend residential and meals: €40, including accommodation, bedding and all meals
  • Day trip Saturday and meals: €15

Children under 6 are free to day trip, or, provided that they do not require their own bunk, stay on site for the weekend.

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While you’re in Ireland…

The site is very easily accessible from Dublin airport: you can drive in 60-90 minutes (traffic allowing) along motorways, or you can take a bus or coach to the city centre and take a 1 hr train journey to within a short walking distance of the site.

But since you’re here, why not stay? Flaming Arrow, the Kingdom’s premier archery event, takes place one week after Cruinniú and at the very same site.

Flaming Arrow