Dear friends,

We’re cancelling Tavern of Fools as well. Realistically, anyone planning an event at this time has only two choices: press on, or cancel. And everyone planning to attend events has to deal with a lot of uncertainty. Our food-focused events (there will be more) are supposed to be relaxed and unstressful; uncertainty around travel or health isn’t really on-brand for that.

More importantly, we want to support both you and our fellow groups in attending and running successful events in Ireland this year. The next big event planned in Ireland is Summer Coronation, so we think the best thing in the short term is to put all the wood behind that arrow. Throughout the second half of the year, Eplaheimr has a number of events already planned, and we’d love to see you there, all going well in the world.

Anyone who has booked for Tavern of Fools will receive a refund through Fienta. We in Dun in Mara will be running more events later in the year, and we’re working hard on planning those right now. We’ll announce them as soon as we’re happy that we have some certainty around them.

And in the meantime — take care, have fun, and try not to watch too much news.

In service,
Agnes, Aodh, Vitus and Sal.