Martial activities at Strawberry Raid will include armoured fighting, fencing and archery.

Armoured Combat

Armoured Combat Marshal in Charge: TBA

Covid willing, we will finally be able to enjoy Duke Sean Tarragon’s Fighting Clinic that has been postponed twice previously due to the pandemic.

Duke Sean hails from Kingdom of Artemisia, having reigned as its King seven times. He is one of the preeminent trainers of SCA combat in the Known World today. He specialises in training the trainer, training methodology, teaching fighting analysis and video review. He is known for being the youngest person who was ever knighted in the SCA, and at Strawberry Raid he will mark 35 years of his knighthood. He has raised seven Knights, three of whom have achieved Duchies of their own. He is one of the driving forces behind the weekly Coaches Corner online show, which discusses the practices and philosophies of teaching SCA fighting.

The Fighting Clinic workshop will take place on Saturday and Sunday and it is suitable for all levels. Due to the cost involved in bringing our visiting teacher over, those wishing to take part in the two-day workshop are asked to pay a small extra fee.

Details on other armoured fighting activities will be added in due course.


Fencing Marshal in Charge: Lord Duncan Chaucer

Details will be added in due course.


Archery Marshal in Charge: TBA

Details will be added in due course.

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