November Fight Practice and Arts & Sciences Workshop

10-12 November 2023 Clara Scout Hall, County Offaly, Ireland

Get ready for Coronet and for the winter!


For the fighters - spend the weekend learning from Count Sir Krake, a well known good friend of Lough Devnaree. This is a great opportunity to get one to one instruction that goes well beyond the standard of our own practices. Bring your questions on different weapon forms, details of approaching and executing fights, and also those on what it means to be a Knight and what fighting looks like outside our island.

For the artisans - Do a deep dive into the world of natural dyeing with THL Órlaith.

“A workshop to explore the differences between wool and silk fibres, to find out more about scouring and mordanting. Mordanting is best done an overnight process so this step will be done on the Friday night but we can recap it and discuss it with anyone who can’t make that step on the Saturday. I will make up one large vat of a colour so we can see the effects of “exhaust” baths (we might also make a pigment lake from this just for the fun of it) and as usual there will be smaller pots for testing different colours. We will get longer to leave Materials in the dye baths so we can go for stronger colours this time. There will be a bit of waiting around for that, so make sure you bring projects you want to get sorted for Coronet with you to pass the downtime.”

You can of course take advantage of the available space to work on other projects that may need large tables or otherwise a lot of space.

As this is a weekend practice, we do not require garb but you may wear it by all means if you wish. Meals by Máistir Aodh will be on an opt-in basis, so if you don’t wish to cater for yourself, please make sure to purchase a meal ticket along with your practice reservation. There are plenty of chippers, pubs and shops within a short walking distance.

Accommodation will be crash space in the hall, or, if you are very hardy, you are of course welcome to camp. You need to bring a camp bed or an air mattress as well as whatever bedding you need. We will have a reasonably early lights-out curfew in order to ensure nobody gets kept up unnecessarily. There is a smaller room available for late night chats.

The building has toilets and showers.