Pen & Sword

15-17 September 2023

As summer gives way to Autumn and the Harvest is complete the Shire of Dun in Mara is pleased to invite all of those with a love for the flashing blade or the flourished quill to join us at Siggninstown Castle for a weekend of classes and camaraderie. We will have fencing classes and sparring happening throughout the day on Saturday, some dancing to add some extra pep to fencers’ steps and all weekend scribes can come together and share with other scribes, new and experienced alike. Sigginstown Castle has a special atmosphere and the evening is a particular joy for those who love the Bardic Arts.

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The ground of the site is level but uneven, including gravel and fields. The restored period tower house has narrow steep spiral stairs and small rooms. The stairs have handrails installed. Any activities inside the tower are likely to take place in the first two floors.

The barn is within a short reach of the camping area across an uneven ground. The barn itself has a gravel floor.

Portaloos/portapotties are the only available toilets on the site. Tents for anyone with mobility issues can be placed closer to the toilets, paths and access ways. Please contact Anneleyn Cornelisse, Duncan Chaucer, or Órlaith Chaomhánach to let them know in advance.

During dark hours, we will have small lights marking the entrances to the encampment as well as near the toilets. Please feel free to bring flashlights if you need them to move around in the dark.

Noise in the camp is requested to be minimal during certain hours (est. 11 pm - 8 am).

Code of Conduct

We have a zero tolerance policy of all bullying, harassment, abuse and hate speech, including but not limited to gender identity, age, religion, ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, ability and body type. Event participants will be expected to be polite toward other SCA participants as well as toward any members of the public who may attend; to respect other people and respect their needs: and to take all reasonable steps to make everyone feel welcome and safe within our Society.

Any event participant who feels they are not safe at the event is requested to immediately contact the event staff. The steward on duty will be easily identifiable.

Any event participant found in breach of the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the event and not return to any event, practice or other gathering organised by the Shire of Dun In Mara.

If you would like to know more, please consult our shire’s Inclusivity Statement as well as the Code of Conduct of the Kingdom of Drachenwald.


The event is easily reachable from Dublin Airport via the M11, 20 minutes drive from Wexford railway station, and 15 minutes drive from Rosslare ferryport with connections to the UK and continental Europe. We may be able to provide pick-ups from Wexford and Rosslare on a case by case basis, please discuss your needs with the Reservations Steward.

Driving from Dublin Airport is straightforward via the M1, M50, M11/N11 and N25. It takes about two hours. The main roads are well kept and well signposted and foreign drivers generally don’t find driving on the main roads difficult, despite driving on the left. Some motorways have tolls. If you’re hiring a car, ask your rental agency what the protocol is concerning road tolls.

Coordinates: 52.20591, -6.444499 (main event gate)

If you’re driving from Rosslare ferryport, just follow Google or another map provider. Your drive will take about 15-20 minutes.

Public transport from Dublin is available via bus and train.

Bus: Bus Eireann route 2-X2 Dublin Airport - Wexford Town. From Wexford town, you should take a taxi or arrange a lift.

Train: Irish Rail route Dublin Connolly Station - Rosslare Europort. We recommend that you get off in Wexford town to maximise the availability of taxis, if you need one.

A taxi from Wexford town should take about 20 minutes to the site.

If you need a pick-up from Wexford town or from Rosslare, in the first instance please talk to your friends about arranging a car pool. If this is not possible, please talk to the Reservations Steward about a pick-up. Please note that these are strictly subject to available vehicles and available drivers. We need to know about any pick-ups required at least one week before the event. A pick-up may incur a small charge due to the high cost of fuel.

The Site

Sigginstown Castle is owned by SCA members who very generously open their home for us. Please respect their generosity, their home and their neighbours at all times. Any requests from the site owners must be complied with immediately. Smoking is forbidden indoors including inside the barn.


Friday Saturday Sunday
Scribal Fencing Scribal Fencing
09:00 Duncan & Anneleyn - Warmup / Be Kind to your Knees
Pack up, clean up, and get yourself home!
Orlaith - Inks and Pigments for Science!
Duncan - Introduction to Italian Fencing
Cernac - Seize the Tempo! Or, how to use timing for victory.
12:00 Mala - Quick and Dirty Scribal Abbreviations
13:00 LUNCH
14:00 Melisende - Fantastic Folds and How to Figure Them Petroc - Learn More about how to learn more
15:00 Mala - Fourteen Great Pick-up Lines: Sonnets Provost Prize Play
16:00 Anneleyn - (Don't) Drink and Ink - drawing beasties from descriptions Freeplay until we get tired
17:00 Site Opens COURT
18:00 Duncan - A brief introduction to the sources
19:00 Freeplay if site setup and daylight allows Dinner - Take Away
20:00 Take Away Bardic circle!

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The following attendees have given permission for their names to be published:

Eplaheimr-Jin Unegen
Clodagh of Eplaheimr
Petrc Monomachos
Cernac the Navigator
Gabrielle of Dun in Mara
David the Armourer
Sarah of Dun in Mara
Myriam of Dun in Mara
Mallymkun Rauði
Aodhan Dha Cheist
Cheryl of Dun in Mara
Katie of Dun in Mara
Daniel of Dun in Mara
Etienne Fevre
Melisende Fitzwalter
Isobel Fevre
Ciarán mac Cionaodha
Duncan Chaucer
Anneleyn Cornelisse
Gavin of Dun in Mara
Hugh de Belesduna
Alice de la Wode
Ari Mala
Órlaith Chamhánach
Aodh Ó Siadhail
Agnes Boncuer