Camping will take place on a level grassy field often used for sheep grazing. The cost of camping is included in the event fee. Those camping should bring any camping equipment needed. Many of our members will be camping in medieval pavilions, with medieval equipment, but this is not required. You are more than welcome to bring your modern tent and your modern equipment. We do not separate medieval and modern tents into different camping grounds, so you can form an encampment with your friends regardless of your tent style.

That being said, we strive to create as medieval an atmosphere as possible, so please use any modern equipment discreetly. If you are uncertain about how to do this, please discuss with the event team and we will be happy to make suggestions.

Camping spaces will be assigned. Please let the camping coordinator, Máistir Aodh Ó Siadhail at know if you have particular needs in terms of accessibility, other people you want to camp near, or the like. Spaces are reasonably large, but Aodh would appreciate knowing in advance if you are going to have more than one tent.

A crash tent is available, if you’d like to camp but can’t arrange your own tent. Check the box on the booking form, or email the registration steward if you’ve already booked and want to change to that.

If camping is not your thing, you are welcome to reserve one of the many B&Bs, hotels or self-catering accommodations off-site for sleeping, and to attend the event during the day. Please note that in order to stay off-site you will need your own transport.

If you prefer to just drop in, you are welcome to attend on one day only at the cost of a day visit.

There will be portaloos/portapotties available for your convenience. There will also be a potable water point. We are investigating options for washing facilities and will update you as soon as we know ourselves.

Waste disposal facility will be provided.

The site has a large barn which will provide a communal gathering place, particularly in case of bad weather. The barn has tables and benches as well as a gravel floor. You are welcome to have your meals here, do crafts together, arrange classes, etc.

The main attraction of the site is the restored tower house. It has electric lighting, but the furniture and the wall decorations are all done according to period examples. Here, we can also have our meals, do crafts and classes, have bardic circles, enjoy a few drinks, and so on. Please note that the spiral stairs are very steep and uneven and require care on going up and down. If you are not able to ascend the stairs, you can spend time in the beautiful and atmospheric ground floor room.

If you have any questions about camping, please contact Máistir Aodh Ó Siadhail at, and he’ll get back to you quickly.

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