February 2, 2023

Food Vendor

We’ve made arrangements to have a food vendor on site. From Thursday afternoon through to Saturday morning, there’ll be a barbecue, offering breakfast rolls, grilled meats, and hot sandwiches, and from Saturday afternoon through to Monday evening, we’ll have an additional food truck, offering a variety of hot food and drinks. They’ll be situated near the barn, so you’ll have plenty of space to sit down and eat, even if the weather’s not great. Cards and cash will both be accepted!

(See the Food page for other eating arrangements)

January 28, 2023

Crash Space

At Strawberry Raid (1-5 June, Ireland) we now have crash space (shared accommodation) available.

If you do not have or are unable to bring your own tent, and getting off-site accommodation is not an option for you, we are pleased to be able to offer shared tent accommodation for a limited number of guests. These shared spaces will be prioritised for guests visiting from abroad.

This is a great opportunity if you would like to attend but aren’t able to transport your own accommodation or spend the money for a B&B.

The booking form has been modified to include a question about a space in the crash tent. If you have already booked but would like to request a crash space, please email the registration steward

As always, information about the event and the registration form are available at:

January 9, 2023

Bookings are open!

Booking is now open!

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