The centre of Coronet of Fools is the tourney. The Prince and Princess of Insulae Draconis have announced the list of those who will contest to be their heirs.

  • Lady Agnes des Illes fighting for Lord Aodh O Siadhail
  • Master Duncan Kerr fighting for Mistress Constanza of Thamesreach
  • Lord Jasper Rose fighting for Lady Maud de Elsynge
  • Lady Alessandra di Riario d’Aretino fighting for Lady Pernel Chaloner
  • Lady Angelica Andegavensis fighting for Dame Lyonet de Covenham
  • Lord Micheal Brethnach fighting for Baroness Ysabella-Maria Vasquez de Granada y Cortes
  • Lord Duncan Chaucer fighting for Lady Annelyn Cornelisse
  • Lady Gytha Ui Bhanain fighting for Lady Orlaith Chamohanach

The main tourney will be a round robin, best of 3. The final will be best of 5.

Good luck to all!

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