We have had a busy couple of months with our Harvesttide Revel in October, monthly Arts & Sciences meetings and our weekly Fencing & Armoured Combat practices. And this year is continuing as the last one ended. Armoured Combat practices each Thursday have already resumed and Fencing on Tuesdays will follow suit shortly. If you want to give it a try, check out our Practices page.

Last Saturday, we got together in Santry Community Centre for our first Arts & Sciences meeting and while everybody had their own projects to work on, we also started our community project of making sets of heraldic banners. Everybody is welcome at these get-togethers, first attendance is free and if you let us know in advance what you are interested in, we will do our best to facilitate for you to try that out.

In the coming months, we are planning several one day workshops, for example basket weaving and an introduction to fencing. We are also looking into some outings to work on our archery skills and have started the preparations for the 2nd iteration of our 5 day camping event Strawberry Raid at Sigginstown Castle in Co. Wexford and our participation in the Dublin Pride Parade.

If you are interested or have any question, you can reach us at seneschal@duninmara.org We´d be delighted to meet you and if you want to wear a mask to minimise risk, we encourage this.