A Very Definite COVID-19 Policy

The event staff will be monitoring communications from the HSE, NPHET and the Government. Should further restrictions be placed concerning (1) County Kildare; (2) other counties that our booked attendees come from; or (3) the entire Republic of Ireland that would make the event impossible to organise safely or at all, the event will be cancelled and the booked attendees will receive full refunds. Due to the nature of the pandemic and its handling, we may need to cancel the event at very short notice.

All the event activities will be organised outdoors. We encourage families and close associates to camp together. As the event will take place outdoors, we do not require attendees to wear masks.

2m social distancing will be politely enforced at the event between different tent groups. Attendees are not to hug or otherwise physically greet anyone outside their tent group.

There will be no loaner feast gear available. All attendees will have to bring all their own equipment. We are very to happy to advise anyone who may be attending their first event or in other similar circumstances.

Attendees must not share any drinking or eating equipment.

Attendees are reminded to not loan out armour, weapons, garb, or any other equipment outside their tent group, except by prior arrangement in which any loaner equipment has been sanitised before and after its loan.

Hand sanitiser, hand soap, and disinfectant for equipment will be readily available and attendees will be reminded to use them regularly.

Any martial activities will be conducted according to the Dun In Mara Fencing Guidelines and the Insulae Draconis Armoured Combat Guidelines.

Shortly before the event, we’ll send you a survey, and we ask you to fill it in on the day of the event. If so indiciated by that survey, we would ask you not to attend this time.

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