It has been a long, slow, summer. The weeks drag on, one lonely day after another. For the good of the Kingdom, its subjects have exiled themselves well away from their fellows, longing for the day we can meet again.

That day comes at last. Garden

To break our isolation but still observe precautions, Dun in Mara presents a camping and glamping event to take place over the first weekend of September.

The entire event will take place outdoors, but this does not mean we have to sacrifice comfort. For those who wish it, we have furnished bell tents with electricity and double beds. We can also provide level ground if you’d like to bring your own (period or modern) tent.


Find Martinstown House on Google Maps. If you’re coming by public transport, the closest train station is Newbridge; you will need to arrange a taxi or a lift from the station. (Please note that we are not organising pickups at this event.)

The site opens at 18:00 on Friday 4th September and closes at 11:00 on Sunday 6th September. Alcohol is allowed on site (though please keep modern vessels covered.)

What’s the schedule?

In keeping with our previous tavern events, here is the full schedule:

AnytimeDo whatever you like
11:00Time to go home
Bell tent

Wait, what, that’s it?

We’ll have space for lots of things, and a marshal-in-charge so that combat and archery can take place. But we know that everyone has a lot of catching up to do, and we don’t think we need to cramp your style by trying to fit that into a schedule. So arrive, hang out, eat whenever you like, and enjoy the (outdoor) atmosphere.

What about food and facilities?

Not foodWe encourage you to bring your own food to cook. There is an outdoor barbecue which will be available all day. A fridge is also available for use. For those who wish it, Agnes des Illes will organise food at an additional charge.

There is a shower block on site. Please bring your own towels.

But what about COVID-19?

Good question. Here’s our thinking.

Firstly, both we and the site will of course follow the government’s health advice at the time of the event. If this means that the event can’t go ahead, then we will cancel the event (with as much notice as we can give) and arrange refunds.

However, we have chosen the nature of this event – outdoors, with comfortable accommodation, and cooking for ourselves – to minimise the risks. We obviously can’t make any guarantees, and recognise that some of us may be unable to attend regardless. But we think we can provide an environment that allows for comfortable, socially distanced interaction.

There are some other restrictions. We will be unable to provide pickups, loaner garb or loaner feast gear at this event. You are of course welcome to make your own arrangements with other attendees privately.

How do I register?

Furnished tent with one King bed €110 per tent
Furnished tent with two double beds€110 per tent
Bringing you own tent and bedding €25 per person
Children under 12 Free
Daytrip €20 per person

Up to four people may stay in the furnished tents if the additional people bring their own bedding. The site imposes a strict limit of four people per furnished tent.

Inside a tent

Meals are not included in these prices. There’ll be a barbecue that you can use to cook your own food throughout the event. If you would like to, you may opt in to our food plan.

All meals (adult) €15 per person
All meals (under 12) €7.50 per person
Daytrip meals (adult) €10 per person
Daytrip meals (under 12) €5 per person

Book online with payment through debit/credit card or bank transfer.

You can book for multiple people on a single booking; please be ready to tell us the names of everyone staying in your tent. (This is essential so we can manage the numbers.)

Book now

If you’re unable to pay online, please contact the event steward at [email protected] to make other arrangements.

The standard Dun in Mara cancellation policy will apply.

Already booked


The event takes place outdoors on one level, but there are gravel paths throughout the ground. There are some steps to access the bathrooms and showers.

Who are the event team?

Event Steward: Sela de la Rosa
Co-steward: Mícheál Breathnach
Marshal in Charge: Aodhan Dhá Cheist
Food coordinator: Agnes des Illes