For Cruinniú, we will feature a series of short posts from fighters around the Kingdom about what inspired them to fight, or things they’ve learned about armoured combat.

We are honoured to present this post from His Majesty, King Æiríkr inn Hárfagri.

Greetings Drachenwald and especially those attending Cruinniú!

When I was asked to write what fighting means to me, it was a difficult task. Fighting means a lot but how to put it into words is not easy. Fighting means joy, competition and striving for perfection even though I know I will never reach it. It also means to always stay humble since there is always something new to learn and those lessons can be taught by anyone – like when my squire successfully used my own technique against me! Don’t view losing a fight as a failure; look at it as an opportunity to learn something new. Challenge yourself always, constantly, in the list field and outside of it.

And finally, a lesson that really stuck with me is more of a question to ask every now and then: “Do you want to be a knight or do you want to be knighted?”

In service of the Kingdom and the Dream,

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