Arts and Sciences meetups in March

Who’s feeling inspired to make some cool stuff? A&S this month will be happening this Thursday 8th March, and also in a fortnight on Thursday 21st March. Come along and share ideas, questions, and a cup of tea while we get up to some creative craft things.

Travelling to Coronet

It’s a pretty good time to start planning your travel to Coronet of Fools (and to Flaming Arrow if you’re coming for both.) We have an extensive travel guide to help you plan.

Fencing class with Emilia Skirmuntt

This week at fencing, we had a guest class from Emilia Skirmuntt of the School of the Sword, Oxford, assisted by Rob Williams of the Virtus Sword School, Cardiff. They ably ran us through a really interesting class, showing some of the strong connections between Fiore’s unarmed, dagger and sword plays. We had a very good turnout and people really seemed to be having fun. Always great to cross-fertilise with other groups.

Financial Report 2018 posted

Aoife, the Dun in Mara Exchequer, has posted the 2018 financial report for the shire.

Flaming Arrow - make a week of it

Why travel to just one event when you could come for two? The weekend before Coronet of Fools, the shire of Glen Rathlin will host Flaming Arrow, the premier event in the Kingdom for archery. This takes place at the ASPIRE Centre in Clara, just 90 minutes from Newgrange Lodge (and 75 minutes from Dublin.)