Will you enter the Coronet tourney?

Those who would rule, hear me! A great tournament will take place in May near Newgrange, and the winners will become the next rulers of Insulae Draconis. Their Highnesses call on those who would fight, and those who would inspire them to fight, to submit their Letters of Intent at the earliest opportunity.

Coronet of Fools - pay by bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer is now working for Coronet of Fools. We’ve addressed the problem where only credit cards were accepted; apologies if you were affected by this, and many thanks to those who let us know.

Scribal themed meetup

At our scribal themed A&S meetup tonight, Anneleyn practiced Gothic Littera Bastarda based on the Marc Drogin book. Delighted shouts of “the g looks a g” could be heard. Jasper tried out the basic calligraphy set he got and then tested Windsor & Newton ink and decided to get himself some at Evans Art Supplies off Capel St. Alays started doing the illumination of a Manesse initial on a blank scroll, which she had traced a while back. And Duncan worked diligently on a secret project that we are not allowed to talk about. There might also have been tea.

Things to see while you're in Ireland

Ireland is full of historical places and things to see. If you’re visiting for Coronet of Fools, we hope that you can extend your stay for a few days and visit some of them.

Scribal Night on Thursday

Calling all scribes, current past and future! A&S will be happening this Thursday. This time we’re going to experiment a little and theme the session: we’re having a scribal focus.