Event announcement: Chaucer's Tavern - March 2019

Gentle cousins! Come now, and listen well. The great Chaucer - not our Duncan, the other fellow - tells us of a Franklin whose bread and ale was always good, that no man had a better stock of wine, and that his house always contained pies (of which we are sure a certain Viscount will approve). Further, in his house, says Chaucer, it snowed with food and drink, and his dining table was always at the ready. This, good cousins, sounds to us like a challenge, and we are ever ready to rise to that.

Heavy practice - 25 October

Yesterday at armoured practice we had Cernac and myself in armour, and Aodh, Jasper and Gytha out of armour. I was not able to convince the others that squats and push-ups were valid warm-up moves. Gytha and Aodh preferred slow work instead, which involved a lot of giggling and that’s always a good thing.

Coronet of Fools - May 2019

Bealtaine fires burn across the land, calling the Fair Folk out of their hiding places to witness the warriors of Insulae Draconis coming together to the ancient site of Newgrange to contest for the Coronet of the Isles.

Armoured Combat and Shire Nights, Autumn 2018

Do you want to do medieval combat?

New fencing and marshals handbooks

The Kingdom Fencing Marshal has announced that a new Fencing Rulebook and Marshals Handbook have been published on the kingdom website.