Fencing practice today

Today, fencers will brave the winds in order to apply the lessons in locks and body mechanics that we learned last week.

Shire meeting minutes - 19th November 2018

Here are the minutes from the Shire Meeting of 19th November 2018. We’ll be posting these to the website in future, rather than leaving them languishing in email.

Fencers! Good news ahead!

Fencers! Good news ahead ;) We are approaching the end of Fiore’s zogho largo (wide or free plays), so it is time to get into some serious business and beat each other up a bit (with all due safety precautions!).

Venetian Rapier translation on sale

Bad news: Our primary source for rapier, Tom Leoni’s Giganti translation is listed as ‘discontinued’ on the Knight Shop website! :-O

Heavy practices - 1 & 8 November

What has been going on at Thursday’s armoured practices? Last week we were myself and Duncan in armour, and Aodh out of armour. We had discussed beforehand our immediate concerns (respectively, minimal defence, left-handed shots, and body shots), so we developed a three-way drill which allowed us to work on all those areas as needed. We analysed our own ways of delivering shots and explained them to each other as though to a beginner, and used non-dominant hand shots to really isolate the technique.