Dun in Mara is going to Dublin Pride! And we would love for all of our friends, regardless of how you identify, to join us and show support.

Coronet of Fools is TOMORROW!

At last, Coronet of Fools is just one day away. We will feast, we will have fun, and most importantly we will welcome our new Prince and Princess, or Princess and Princess, of Insulae Draconis. As you do your last minute packing and prepare to travel, these are some of the things we’ve talked about over the last few months.

Coronet of Fools Arts and Sciences competition and display

Coronet of Fools is almost upon is and with that it is time to show what wondrous arts and sciences our great principality has to offer.

Aodh's staring-at-the-sky service for Coronet

Aodh is pleased to bring you prognostications and forecasts for the event of the Coronet of Fools. As might be expected from a place and time in which the Good Neighbours are being invoked, the weather is not expected to be entirely predictable.

Coronet feast menu

Our head cook, Mistress Melisende, has published her menu for feast! Look at what we shall enjoy, while toasting the new reign.