Coronet room upgrades

Coronet of Fools is three days away and we can’t wait to welcome you! Having finalised registrations, we have a small number of beds in 2 or 3 person rooms which we can make available for upgrades on the day, first come first served. If you have booked a bunk bed and would like to upgrade to a B&B room, you can do this on the door for €50 per person, as long as they remain available.

Coronet - last chance to book

It’s Friday. You wish you were at an SCA event. Flaming Arrow is on right now, but you’re missing it. Coronet of Fools is on next week, and it looks like it’s going to be great - but is it too late to book the event and organise last minute travel? Not yet. The last day for booking is SATURDAY 4th MAY. You can still make it!

Coronet of Fools schedule

Coronet of Fools is eight days away. The schedule has been updated. The centrepiece is of course the tourney on Saturday morning. Throughout the event, you’ll find something to amuse: games on Friday; archery and fencing on the Saturday afternoon; and of course the masked ball after feast. What will you do?

Coronet of Fools format

Soon a great tourney will decide who will reign next as Princeps of Insulae Draconis.

Coronet Tourney participants

The centre of Coronet of Fools is the tourney. The Prince and Princess of Insulae Draconis have announced the list of those who will contest to be their heirs.