Armoured fighting practices - April-June 2019

After a busy few months, here are our Armoured Combat practice dates into the summer.

Dining at Cruinniú

The schedule for Cruinniú has been posted, and this raises the question: what are we going to eat? Our head cook for the event, Milada of Thamesreach, will make sure that we shall be fed, and fed well so that we have the strength to fight and dance to our heart’s content.

Coronet bookings and cancellations

We’re really looking forward to welcoming all our friends to Coronet of Fools in May. If, however, you need to cancel your booking, please let us know soon.

Rules of the list and conventions of combat

At the first Society event, the backyard garden party, there was a tournament.

Dressing for Coronet

Coronet of Fools is just eight weeks away! The theme of this event is the wonder and magic of Faerie, and we encourage anyone who wishes to dress the part. If you’re wondering what to do or how we do it, we can help.