Last updated: 2024-01-06

We want to make our event as safe as we can, and more importantly, to let you know our plans well in advance so that you can make your own decisions on how comfortable you are travelling to the event.

That said, this policy is in addition to Northern Ireland’s own requirements on the day. If the legal requirements on the day require us to override part of this policy, it’s the legal requirements that take precedence. We do also reserve the right to make changes to this policy before and during the event.

Before you get to site

If you feel ill, please don’t travel. This is never a nice situation, but we’ll soften the blow as far as we can, and we’ll be very grateful to you for doing the right thing.

If you feel ill, or are a close contact of someone who’s become ill, let us know by the Friday (or Saturday morning if you’re a daytripper). We will refund your full event fee, no further questions asked. Our regular cancellation policy applies in other situations.

Please consider getting travel insurance that would cover you if you have to cancel for COVID.

We will not ask to see COVID test results, but encourage you to take one before arriving on site. Please be cautious if you think there’s any risk.

On site

We’re going to ventilate the main rooms as much as we can at this venue. We will keep windows open in the main halls (e.g. court, feast) wherever practical. The weather in April can be unpredictable, so please prepare for a cold environment, even indoors.

We also expect to be able to put carbon dioxide sensors in the main rooms.

We’re not going to specifically require open windows in dorm rooms, but there is power in the rooms if you want to bring an air purifier.

See also

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If you have any questions about this, please ask us at