Chaucer's Tavern Open for Booking

Chaucer’s Tavern is open for booking! This event takes place on 1-3 March 2019 in Clara, Co. Offally. It will be a weekend of feasting and entertainment. Book your place now.

Names and Heraldry for Trans SCAdians

Registering your medieval name and coat of arms with the College of Heralds is an important part of many people’s experience in the SCA, but for trans and gender diverse people, it can be a little daunting. The Principal Herald of Lochac (Australia) has written a guide for trans and non-binary people who wish to register names or heraldry.

Fencing this week

For longsword this week, we drilled the basic exchange of thrusts until we are pretty sure we’ll be able to do it in our sleep! :D

Armoured fighting practice 22 November

Armoured practices have been happening but your knight marshal has been slacking with her reporting on them.

Guy Windsor's Fencing Manual

Guy Windsor is offering “print at home” version of his rapier manual for “pay what you want”. Find it here.